1It's Time for You to Finally get Paid
to Flip Houses...

Dear Fellow Investor,

Congratulations....You've been invited to this page by a member of the REI Wired faculty. You're just seconds away from full, VIP access to the largest collection of Real Estate Investing training videos on the planet.

For the next 24 hours, the entire faculty of REIWired can let his or her students take REIWired for a test-drive. And we've also put together a very special jump-start package to give you a serious edge in 2010...

If you've resolved to change your life through investing in real estate, then this is for you.

As an added bonus...you can grab every single Real Estate Investing Resource that I've ever created or been a part of...AND VIP access to REIWired (so you can see if it's right for you)...for one dollar.


This includes over 150 hours of A to Z, pure-content training videos from over 50 of the biggest names in the industry at my underground training site...REIWired.


Here's a sampling of the training you'll find on REIWired:

1 Wholesaling For Quick Cash
1 Seller-Financing And Notes Buying
Wholesaling REOs
Introduction to Wholesaling
Flipping Deals on eBay
Houses Sold Before You Buy
Buying Foreclosures For Huge Profits
7 Secrets To Obtaining Business Credit
Apartment House Riches
Google Gold Rush
Building Your Killer Real Estate Team
Twitter and LinkedIn Master Strategies
Dealing With The Seller
Maximizing Profit Opportunities In Preforeclosure Investing
How To Do Everything Wrong In Short Sales
Virtual Short Sale Investing Business
Secret Techniques To Finding Real Estate Investors Online
Short Sale Bank Negotiations
Guerrilla Internet Marketing
Becoming the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine
Marketing and Selling Real Estate
Flipping Houses Without F.E.A.R.
Real Estate Website Setup and Optimization
Insider Marketing Strategies To Finding Deals
Direct-Mail Lead Generation
Wholesaling Houses For a Living
Successful Real Estate Outsourcing Secrets
A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Wholesaler
Creating Automated Bird Dog Networks
Short Sale Bank Negotiations
Mobile Home Investing

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This is pure-content, no-fluff training from the most successfull investors on the Planet:

4 Ron LeGrand
4 Than Merrill
4 Preston Ely
4 Larry Goins
4 Nathan Jurewicz
4 Cris Chico
4 Tim Mai
4 Kenny Rushing
4 Andy Proper
4 DC Fawcett
4 Josh Cantwell
4 Jack Bosch
4 Alfred Alonso
4 Andy Massaro
4 Jamel Gibbs
4 Heather Seitz
4 Glen Gallucci
4 Todd Morgan
4 Sean Malarkey
4 Dave Lindahl
4 Doug Ottersberg
4 Eddie Speed
4 Gary Boomershine
4 Roger Salam
4 Justin Lee
4 Mark Jackson
4 Sam Bell
4 Dean Edelson
4 Jonathan Dieguez
4 Bob Massey
4 Lydia Trotter
4 Franklin Cruz
4 Joe Lawrence
4 Dan Stojadinovic
4 Mike Collins

And on...and on...and on...

An Average Of 1 New Hour Of Video Training Is Added Every 48 Hours...

So you will NEVER run out of new, cutting-edge investing tips, tactics and strategies.

Every aspect of Flipping Houses is laid out in detail. It starts from the very beginning - so if you've never even heard the words "real estate investing" - you'll be up to speed...fast.

From the basics it moves on to highly advanced, specialized investing techniques and tactics that could only be taught by people who had have millions creating and perfecting those very techniques for their own real estate investing business.

And all of it is set up on a private website so you can access it any time you want, 24/7 - whatever works for you.

Let me be Absolutely Clear with you... This is 100% pure content. There are ZERO attempts to sell books, courses or services. This is high-octane, high-level, personal coaching and mentoring caught on film. I personally gaurantee it.


Alright, What About a Plan?

All the information in the world won't do you any good if you don't have a plan. When I turn you loose on this education without any guidance, you run the risk of going into information-overload which will either give you a brand new excuse on why you're not actually out there doing deals ("I need to study it more...") or it will make you more even frustrated than you are right now.

That's doesn't do either one of us any good and it's not why I put this together for you in the first place.


I created a little "start-up" kit for you...a kind of "Real Estate Investing 101" meets "what do I do first, then second..." to get you focused and to get you to cash fast...like in the next 30 days. Once you get a little security net underneath you, you're home free. So when you start REI Wired You jump right in with...

The REI Wired Fast-Start Guide


Your going to get instant access to it the Fast-Start Guide the second you dive into REI Wired. Download this 98 page "roadmap" to 100 hours of intense Real Estate Education and your path the financial freedom through investing in Real Estate will become crystal clear.

And You've Got To Have The
Right Documents...So...

The only thing you're missing to dive right in and be on your way to cash are the contracts and documents you need to make offers, get them accepted and then flip the deals to someone else.

So...I included them.

I put together the exact contracts that I personally use to buy and sell houses. In fact, I spent almost $4,000 just getting my purchase contract written to make sure that I'm 100% bullet-proof when I make offers. These documents have made me millions and I'm giving them to you to use...so you can too.

And, Of Course, My Personal Collection...

You're going to get Instant, Online Access to my ENTIRE Wholesaling Training Library. This is every Real Estate Educational Course that I've ever created...these 4 courses contain over 22 Hours of hard-core wholesaling training and I proudly call it ..."The Works":

"The Works" Includes...

Wholesaling Houses for a Living


My signature training course. Over 10 hours of down-and-dirty wholesaling training. I open up and lay out my wholesaling business right before your very eyes, so you can take the lessons I've learned in my 20+ years as wholesaler and cut years (or decades) of your learning curve. (A $997.00 Retail Value)

Internet Bandit Signs


This 4 part (8 hour) course shares the insider methods that attract more motivated buyer and seller leads to generate more business than all your other marketing methods combined! It's called local search and it can help you create a non-stop, 24/7 lead generating machine for your real estate investing business. (A $997.00 Retail Value)

Confessions of a Real Estate Wholesaler


90 minutes of secret House-Flipping methods from a real estate Insider willing to help you kill your day job without credit, cash, renovations ...or ever actually buying any houses! If you have ever wondered how "no money down" real estate investing REALLY works and how to build a true fortune, kill your day job, and finally have more time for yourself...you'll find it here.. (A $49.00 Retail Value)

Rehabbing for Fun and Profit


Rehabbing properties is fun and very easy to do once you know how. The real estate business is fun, hugely profitable, and exciting as well. This "paint by numbers, step by step" video will walk you through a house renovation from top to bottom. We show you the step-by-step process we use to squeeze thousands of dollars in extra profits from every rehab! What you will learn in only 43 minutes will amaze you as you realize the thousands in extra profits you could be earning from your very next rehab ... even if it's your first time to rehab a house! (A $147.00 Retail Value)

That's an Additional $2,190 in Wholesaling Courses

You will get instant access to the digital version of every course in "The Works" the second you take advantage of this New Years Bonanza. These courses are yours to keep and your online access to them will permanently remain active.

Need A Little Sample?

The Most Successful Investors in the Industry are Here to Help You...

3Preston Ely... (3.78 Hours of Preston)

...Tells You EXACTLY How He Makes 6-Figures A MONTH
and How You Can Too... In the Next 90 Days...

The player will show in this paragraph

3Cris Chico... (6.21 Hours of Cris)

...Shows You EXACTLY How to Get Hundreds of Desperate Seller's to Call you Every Single Month,
Begging You To Make Offers on Their Houses...

The player will show in this paragraph

3Larry Goins... (2.98 Hours of Larry)

...Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Say to Seller's.
Buyer's, Realtors, Title Companies...
So They Bend Over Backwards to Help You Make Money...

The player will show in this paragraph

3Mark Jackson... (5.10 Hours of Mark)

...Teaches You EXACTLY How To Determine the REAL Value of a House in Minutes...So You Never Have to Worry About Offering Too Much or Too Little on A Deal...

The player will show in this paragraph


3Andy Proper... (1.75 Hours of Andy)

...Shows You 3 Fast and Easy Steps So You Can Build a
Massive List of Cash-In-Hand Buyers in the
Next 30 Days (and it's 99% automated)...

The player will show in this paragraph  

3Steve Cook... (3.02 Hours of Steve)

...Shows You How To Make Sure You're Completely Protected... So You Can Buy, Sell, Flip or Rent Houses...
100% RISK-FREE...

The player will show in this paragraph


3Heather Seitz...(3.14 Hours of Heather)

...Gives You Insider Tips to Finding Deals with HUGE Profits that Your Competition Won't Ever Even Hear About...
(It's Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel)

The player will show in this paragraph


3Dan Stojadinovich...(3.36 Hours of Dan)

...Hands You As Many Real Estate Lead-Magnet Websites as You Want...So You NEVER Have To Even Think About Building or Running Your Own...

The player will show in this paragraph


3Kenny Rushing...(3.24 Hours of Kenny)

...Molds You Into A Master Negotiator... So You
Are In Complete Control of Every Deal, Every Time...

The player will show in this paragraph


3Tim Mai... (7.18 Hours of Tim)

Gives You the EXACT Blueprint for Outsourcing and Automating Your ENTIRE Operation to Virtual Assistants...So You can Do What You Got in The Business for in the First Place..to Enjoy Life...

The player will show in this paragraph


3and I, Mike Collins...(9.79 Hours of Me)

Show you Exactly How To Finally Break the Ice and
and Get that First Paycheck in Your Hand...Fast

The player will show in this paragraph


arrow Get Started Right Now

So...Why A Dollar?


Why, on earth, am I willing to practically give you the exact training that until now, was only available to high-level coaching students that paid thousands to get it?

Well, for two reasons.

First, if you haven't heard...Wholesaling is BACK. The best bargains of our lifetimes together with a ton of pent-up demand means 2010 is going to be an amazing time for wholesalers.

Don't miss it.

You've faithfully entrusted me with your support, so I want to do everything I can to make sure you're ready for the free-for-all that's about to take place.

Second, I get at least one email every single day from people who are upset that so-called "gurus" - who make millions in real estate - still charge $1,000 or more for their "secrets" to successful real estate investing. In this economy, it just put's the important education that's critical to getting started as an investor out of reach of most people.

Those of you that have known me over the years, understand that I have been on a crusade to change this industry...and with the advance of technology and with high-speed internet connections now being the norm...this change is starting to happen fast.

It's why I started REIWired.

And Here's The Deal.

VIP Access to REIWired is $97 per month. Try it for 10 days for a buck. See it with your own eyes. Watch the videos. Download the contracts. Dive into the Fast-Start guide. Explore every part of REIWired and see if it's worth $97 a month to you. If not, simply call me (at 813-425-2030) or send me an email (support@reiwired.com) and you're done.

I know that once you see what's inside REI Wired... and that the techniques you learn from it make you so much fast cash... that you'll keep your access to REI Wired forever.

If that's the case, simply do nothing and after 10 days I'll charge the $97 monthly dues to your credit card.

All the risk is on me to provide you with the most valuable, the most easy to understand, the simplest to implement, the most cutting-edge investing tips, tricks and education so you'll stay with me.

It can't get any more fair than that. Try it, use it, learn from it, put it into action for a buck.

Now I know a few people out there will take me up on this insane offer with the sole intention of grabbing the training in REI Wired and running on down the road...and I'm alright with that. I'm willing to risk it if this training can get in the hands of the people who are genuinely struggling to make a better life for themselves through real estate investing.

I'll always remember the first real break I got as a struggling real estate investor and how it put me over the hump...just when I was about ready to give up on real estate. After months of getting nowhere, I ran into an old pro here in Tampa who told me the most important words I've ever heard...

"Mike, you're making this too hard. Just do this...

...Here's what I buy. Here's the area it's in, and here's what I can pay for it. Now just go find it for me for less than that and you can keep the difference!"

It took me a couple of hours to find a deal that fit the description. I brought it to him and about a week and a half later...I had my first check in my hands. It changed my life.

Now, over 700 deals later...an old pro here in Tampa is here to tell you...

Just Do This.

We're going to take you by the hand and show you exactly... What to Buy, Where to Look, What it's Worth, How to Get it Under Contract with Zero Risk and What Others Are Willing to Pay For It So...You Can Keep the Difference...

It's no coincidence that you are reading these words right now. You were brought to this page at this exact moment in time for a reason...to finally get over that hump and move on to the life that you know is waiting for you and your family. You just need that first real break. Well...here it is. Just Do This.

And to Really Push You Over the Top...(It's a BIGGIE!)

You're going to get Enrollment in My Mentoring Support Program...



REI-Gold is a super-exclusive, ongoing training program, created to provide 24-7 support to my personal mentoring students.

Use the REI-Gold membership to Cut Years off the learning and Supercharge your Real Estate Investing. Your Gold Level Access will stay intact for as long as you remain a REI Wired Member.

And Here's the Bad News...

This offer is extremely time sensitive. Each new faculty member has 24 hours to let their group try out REIWired....then the offer comes down.

This is an opportunity for people that are ready to take action but just need that first break. If you're ready, then let's get started...

Here is exactly what you're getting:

little arrow Instant, Unrestricted VIP Access to REI Wired - with over 100 hours of real world, tried-and-tested, real estate Investing instruction. Explore it, Learn it, Put it into Action for for 10 Days, if it's not everything I've told you it is and more, then just call me or send me an email and you're done!............A $97.00 Value
little arrow The REI Wired Fast-Start Guide- follow along online or download it to your computer - it's packed with "the best of the best" from the top real estate investors on the planet......................A $297.00 Value
little arrow Complete Contract and Document Suite - everything I personally use to run my real estate investing business........... A $4,000.00 Value
little arrow Monthly, Invite-Only Training Calls - with the most cutting-edge real estate investing tactics in the industry -for REI Wired Member's Only.....A $197.00 Value
little arrow "Wholesaling Houses for a Living" - my Signature Wholesaling Training course...A $997.00 Value
little arrow "Internet Bandit Signs"- the definitive guide to generating real estate leads online.............................A $997.00 Value
"Confessions of a Real Estate Wholesaler"- learn the insider's tips and tactics straight from a 24 year Wholesaling veteran ......................A $47.00 Value
"Rehabbing for Fun and Profits" - a "paint-by-numbers", step by step guide to rehabbing a house................A $147.00 Value
Gold Membership in REI Gold - my ultra-exclusive training website for my personal mentoring students......................A $97.00 Value
6 The Exact Insider's-Only Techniques and Shortcuts - created and used by multi-millioniare real estate investors.....................Priceless!

You're about to get over $6,876.00 worth of Real Estate Investing guidance, tactics, techniques, insider's secrets and real-world tools .....
.....For One Dollar

You've got 10 full days to check out, learn and use everything. (By the way...you're permanently grandfathered into REI Wired too. Your monthly fee is guaranteed to never, ever go up).

If you don't think it's for you, that's perfectly fine. Just call us, email us, or go to our support site before the 10 days is up and we'll never bill you again.

...But You Can Still Keep "The Works"

Sounds fair, doesn't it?

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

So what are you waiting for...

Get Started Now

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I Understand that I pay just $1.00 to get Full, Instant VIP Access to the REI Wired member's-only website, plus Instant Access to "The Works" complete Wholesaling Training Library and Gold Level access to REI Gold.

I further understand that I will be billed $97.00 per month for continuing access to REI Wired if I do not cancel within the 10 day trial period.

I also understand that no matter what I decide, I will have permanent, online access to "The Works" Real Estate Training Courses.

I understand that I can cancel anytime by contacting customer support at 813-425-2030, by submitting a cancellation request through the support desk on REIWired.com or by sending a cancellation email to support@reiwired.com

I have read and agreed to the above terms.

Your Information is Safe!


We use the most advanced SSL software available to encrypt your personal information and credit card information , during sign up, sign in and ordering, so that it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.



Be well,

Mike Collins

Founder, REIWired.com


PS: Just Do This. Seriously. "REI Wired" is everything you need to go from where you are right now to full-time real estate investor in 30 days or less. I'm talking quit-your-job money if you're serious about changing your life.

You've got absolutely nothing and everything to gain.

This offer is only valid for the next 24 Hours...So Click Here and grab yours now. I've been saving it just for you ;-)



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